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Published by Windy Hill Fitness Centre : 07-06-2017

Congratulations Senen Gonzalez: 12 week challenge results

Congratulations Senen Gonzalez: 12 week challenge results

Congratulations to Sene Gonzalez on losing an incredible 26kg in the recent 12 week challenge. You can read Senen's story below:


I entered the 12 week challenge with much trepidation largely due to incriminating insight into my poor health depicted by my being significantly overweight with poor eating habits and little to no exercise, but always plenty of excuses. I was about to venture into the unknown, I felt vulnerable and didn’t like that feeling.

As a father, I always want to set a great example to my kids and feel that I do this in every other way, except when it comes to my health. As a medical doctor, I am more than qualified to know what I should be doing to be healthy – I mean I tell countless people day in, day out what they should be doing, right? But I always felt like a hypocrite – why would they listen to me when I don’t heed my own advice?

Well, it’s not like I haven’t tried before, but always on my own, without support, and the results have always been the same: FAILURE. I hate failure – I have always been driven to succeed – except it seems, for some strange reason, when it has come to my own health. This, I have always hated about myself.

Fortunately, I am very lucky to have Linda, my amazing wife, who with much patience and persistence, finally convinced me to get help. She recommended that I give the 12 week challenge a shot, but not just a half-hearted shot, but to have full conviction to embrace the challenge, the advice, and the lifestyle that was necessary for me to change. So I did. I joined Windy Hill Fitness Centre, registered for the challenge and got myself a personal trainer. I also committed to giving up the previous excuses for not changing (not enough time, it’s too cold, too wet, busy with work, etc…)

This was a big step for me as I had never liked gyms, as I realise now, due to illconceived stereo-typed perceptions of gyms and the people who go there… I mean, I wasn’t a gym junkie, I hated exercise, and I didn’t “look” like a “gym person”. I couldn’t even do a single push-up! But I gave it a go and decided no matter what, I would stick at it with no excuses and do my best, and see what would happen at the end of the 12 weeks. It was really hard at the beginning, but I followed the meal plans religiously and started exercising regularly. No surprise here, but it started getting easier. With early significant weight loss to help spur me on and with the supports around me, I actually started enjoying the workouts particularly as I could see the improvement each week. I could even do push-ups and lots of them, now! A strength of the challenge was the group training and the bond and friendships that evolved from it.

Seeing the others improve their fitness and lose weight was also inspiring and challenged me to push myself further to try and keep up with them. Today, we finished our last boot camp session of the challenge and I had the final measurements taken. I am amazed with what I have achieved as I look and feel a totally different person. It was actually quite devastating looking at the prechallenge photos and realising how I had let myself down in the past. Looking back now, I know why I had always failed before – I didn’t have the amazing support team behind me: my wife, my personal trainer (Rikki), Toa and the rest of the supportive and encouraging staff at Windy Hill, and of course my challenge team mates who have helped push myself and each other to achieve our goals.

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Congratulations to Sene Gonzalez on losing an incredible 26kg in the recent 12 week challenge. You can read Senen's story below

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