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Published by Windy Hill Fitness Centre : 11-10-2018

Coaching Zone 6 Week Challenge Results - Luke

Coaching Zone 6 Week Challenge Results - Luke

- Well done to Luke on smashing our 6 week challenge -

Luke came into coaching zone with little training experience, looking to become a bit fitter and healthier.

After struggling through his first two sessions and being unable to finish sessions, he persisted through, sticking to at least 3 sessions a week for every week of the challenge.

Luke’s fitness skyrocketed and towards the end of the challenge he was feeling comfortable in sessions and able to push himself.

Luke’s determination and courage saw him not only drop some fat seen in his waist decreasing and body weight going down, but also build some muscle with his legs and arms getting bigger and stronger.

Well done on persisting at the start and working to a healthier and fitter you.

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