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Published by Windy Hill Fitness Centre : 11-10-2018

Coaching Zone 6 Week Challenge Results - Greg

Coaching Zone 6 Week Challenge Results - Greg

- Greg’s 6 week challenge -

Greg set himself two challenge goals for our 6 week challenge:
1. 8 chin ups
2. 50 burpees in a row 

The first goal was set from wanting to improve his chin ups which were around 3-4 at the start and with average form, not going all the way down.

Greg’s second goal comes from doing 50 burpees to celebrate his 50th birthday with good friend Andrew. Greg struggled through these and did the whole 50 with breaks in just over 4:30. Greg decided he wanted to do these without stopping. 

Each week Greg was given a new plan for burpees and chin ups, slowly building each week to more and more reps. Each week Greg was able to progress due to doing his training program 2-4 times a week.

6 weeks later Greg did the following:
- 11 chin ups
- 50 burpees in 2:48 and then 3:11 due to the video cutting out. 

Well done Greg on consistently training throughout the 6 weeks and staying super dedicated towards some tough goals 


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