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Michela has always had a passion for sport and fitness training; with her background in competitive downhill skiing (Italian National Champion 1998) and professional volleyball (10 yrs Italian Volleyball Federation) she has strived to study and understand human movement and performance.

Michele Peterlin

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Michele Peterlin

Michela believes that the key to achieving good health is dependent on achieving balance. Training, nutrition, recovery and one's mental outlook need to be at optimum levels for anyone to achieve their potential.  

“Power is nothing without control”


  • Personal Trainer - Windy Hill Fitness Centre
  • Health & Fitness Manager & Personal Trainer - Fitness & Wellness Inside (Italy)
  • Athletic Preparation Coach & Personal Trainer - Il Movimento (Italy)
  • Personal Trainer -  Arena Fitness


  • Athletic Conditioning           
  • Weight loss
  • Rehabilitation                    
  • Older Adults
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