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Take the guesswork out of achieving results with the latest group personal training program at Windy Hill. We combine coaching, technology and training to take the guesswork out of achieving results.

Coaching Zone

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Coaching Zone

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We all know that getting started in an exercise routine or having the knowledge to train correctly for your inted results is thae hardest part. That's our motivation for launching Coaching Zone; personalised group training sessions that support, motivate and educate you to achieve great results!

You will be guided by our highly trained fitness coaches in every session, having every exercise personalised to you and your results.

With the aid of MyZone heart rate technology we ensure that you work to the intensity level personalised to you, which is the key to achieving results fast!

Every workout has a purpose and will change the way you look at exercise.



Coaches are there for your journey in the coaching zone all of the way! As a a coaching zone member you will receive ongoing support both in and out of sessions. 


The perfect place to start – our foundation class. You’ll learn how use equipment, the foundations of movement, allowing you to build confidence and become educated with your new training routine.?You’ll walk away knowing how to train at the correct intensity for your goals, fitness level and training ability. It’s all about feeling good and prepped to start your fitness journey.
During the 45-minute workout, you will complete three 5-minute rounds of purely cardio and strength training. The cardio phases are designed to work to specific heart rate zones using our MyZone Technology. Each round of strength training is focused on 3 different exercises. You will complete as many sets as possible during the 5 minutes.

TEAM TRAINING SESSIONS - Pick up the intensity and take your fitness to new levels!

Adrenaline is all about challenging your fitness and taking your training to the next level. After your 10-minute warm up you will work with your team to complete 4-minute-high intensity training periods followed by rest periods of 1 minute. In total, there are 6 rounds. Each round combines one strength and one cardio exercise. This is a self-paced session, designed to target the yellow zone. These sessions are designed to provide endurance, conditioning and strength whilst giving your body a full body workout designed to strip fat. If you’re looking to take your training to the next level then this session is for you.

The ultimate fat burning workout! This session utilises bursts of high intensity training followed by period of rest, where coaches will focus on your heart rate recovery to maximise your results. During Afterburn, you will complete a circuit of 6 exercises for 45 seconds on, with a 20 second break… 3 times each. After this phase of the workout, we head into the burn phase. This is a scientifically proven training method which will allow your body to become a fat burning machine for up to 38 hours’ post workout. It consists of 2 sets of 3 exercises completed for one minute, with a one minute break in between.

The best session to increase your fitness levels. Endurance, a heart rate focused workout designed to increase cardio fitness and muscle endurance. Your coach will guide you through 8 exercises over 45 minutes whilst monitoring your heart rate. The aim is to improve cardiovascular fitness so you will be able to recover faster and perform better.
More specifically, each of the 8 exercises are completed for a total of 3 minutes each. The aim of the session is to pace yourself and stay in the yellow zone for the duration of the round.

Your coach will guide you through a series of full body exercises to take your fitness to the next level. There are 6 exercises which are completed for 6 efforts. Each effort runs for 30 seconds, with a quick 15 second rest. After 6 efforts, you will receive a 45 second rest, and after 12 efforts, you will receive a 1 minute 45 second rest.
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase fitness levels and burn fat fast. Your coach will ensure correct technique is followed and provide motivation throughout your workout.



You can't out train the wrong diet! Nutrition has never been easier for coaching zone members with meal plans, recipes and shopping lists all at the palm of your fingers. More details coming soon!


Scientific research proves that monitoring your heart rate to ensure you are training at the correct intensity is the fastest way to get results. Coaching zone members wil have access to MyZone


Where is Coaching Zone

Coaching Zone is a brand new space, and located in the old Bomber Shop.

Approximately 150m from the Main Entrance to Windy Hill Fitness Centre


78 Napier Street,

Essendon, 3040



What is Coaching Zone?







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