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Coaching Zone

Coaching Zone is coming to our club! We are hosting a FREE information session Wednesday 18 October and we would love you to come! Limited places available... Register Now




Coaches are there for your journey in the coaching zone all of the way! As a a coaching zone member you will receive ongoing support both in and out of sessions. 


Personal Coaching

The most effective way to get started,sessions are run in small groups to ensure workouts are personalised to your level and ability. Coaches will educate you on how to train and keep you accountable to the results you want.

Team Training

Sessions are high intensity and designed to challenge you, keep you motivated and are results focused. There are four different team training programs including: Afterburn, HIIT, Strong, Freestyle


You can't out train the wrong diet! Nutrition has never been easier for coaching zone members with meal plans, recipes and shopping lists all at the palm of your fingers. More details coming soon!


Scientific research proves that monitoring your heart rate to ensure you are training at the correct intensity is the fastest way to get results. Coaching zone members wil have access to MyZone



Where is Coaching Zone

Coaching Zone is a brand new space, and located in the old Bomber Shop.

Approximately 150m from the Main Entrance to Windy Hill Fitness Centre


78 Napier Street,

Essendon, 3040











See results in your first 30 days or your money back.


If you would like to find out more, contact (03) 9337 1555


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